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Omni Directional FM VHF Radio Aerial | Folded Dipole Design
Saorview UHF TV Aerial Kit (Highest Gain)
Freeview HD & Saorview Aerials Combo Kit
TV Aerial (Group K Grey Tip, UHF) Mounting Bracket
32 Element UHF TV Aerial for Saorview Mounting Bracket
Sold out
TV Aerial (Wideband Grid, UHF) Mounting Bracket
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Saorview Aerial Kit with Wall Mount and Aerial install KitSaorview Aerial Kit with Wall Mount and Aerial install Kit
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Wideband UHF Aerial, Free Irish TV, Saorview, Outdoor
Saorview UHF TV Aerial Kit (Higher Gain)
Satellite Cable TesterSatellite Cable Tester
Satellite Cable Tester Sale price€9,99 EUR
Single 6 Twin Monoblock LNB F-Type Connector
Inverto Universal Octo LNB (PRO) Inverto Pro 8 Output 40mm
Universal Single LNB Low Noise 0.1DB Free TV LNB
Smart Universal Quad LNB Low Noise 0.1DB LNB
Universal Twin LNB F-type Connectors 40mm
6 Way Hybrid LNB (For Zone 2 Satellite Dishes)
Twin LNB (For Zone 2 Satellite Dishes)
Single LNB (For Zone 2 Satellite Dishes)
Quad LNB (For Zone 2 Satellite Dishes)
Digital MRK 4 Octo LNB , Freesat, FTA, HD ,3D, Same Day Dispatch

Dishes & Antennas

In an age where consistent and robust connectivity is more crucial than ever, dishes and antennas stand as silent champions, capturing signals from afar and ensuring stable communications. These devices are designed to harness a broad spectrum of frequencies, translating them into the data and content we consume daily.

Dishes, with their parabolic designs, are especially crafted to focus signals onto a specific point, enabling the reception of satellite TV, radio, and data communications. They're pivotal for remote areas where cable-based solutions may not be viable.

On the other hand, antennas – whether they're for TV, radio, or data – play a critical role in urban and rural settings alike. From the traditional rooftop antennas drawing down TV signals to the more modern, sleek designs that blend seamlessly into building aesthetics, they ensure you're always plugged into the world around you.

Whether it's for leisurely watching TV, crucial satellite communication, or ensuring a stable internet connection in remote areas, dishes and antennas are integral to modern life. Their designs might differ — from compact and sleek to large and robust — but their goal remains the same: to keep you connected.