TV Aerial (Group K Grey Tip, UHF) Mounting Bracket

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  • Group K Grey Tip UHF TV Aerial
  • Designed to provide good results even in locations with traditionally weak signal reception.
  • Delivers superior results on Group K UHF transmissions, ensuring clear channel reception.
  • Equipped with a grid deflector to block unwanted signals from secondary transmitters.
  • Optimized for the lower half of the UHF band, suitable for specific TV transmitters.
  • Requires only 30cm of pole space, ideal for installations with limited space.
  • Manufacturer: Blakes

What's in the box

  • Group K Grey Tip UHF TV Aerial
  • Mounting Bracket


The TV Aerial (Group K Grey Tip, UHF) is a specialized solution for anyone seeking reliable TV reception, particularly in areas served by Group K UHF transmitters. Manufactured by Blakes, this 10-element UHF aerial is tailored to cover the lower half of the UHF band, ensuring it picks up the desired channels with clarity and consistency.

This aerial design focuses on maximizing reception quality, particularly in locations known for poor signal reception. Its ability to deliver results comparable to a Grid TV aerial, yet at a significantly lower cost, makes it an appealing choice for budget-conscious consumers. Additionally, its compact size, requiring only 30cm of pole space, makes it ideal for tight spaces or crowded installations.

The aerial is not only efficient but also versatile. It can be used in conjunction with a diplexer and FM aerial, broadening its scope to pick up a variety of UHF and FM broadcasts. This versatility makes it a great all-in-one solution for diverse broadcasting needs.

The kit includes a deflector plate and mounting bracket, ensuring a stable and secure installation. It's also designed to minimize interference from secondary transmitters, ensuring that the signal remains as clear as possible.