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Mag Locks & Electric Strikes

In today's modern world, security is paramount, and Mag Locks & Electric Strikes have risen to meet that demand. Acting as silent guardians, these advanced locking mechanisms have transformed how we view access control.

Mag Locks, also known as magnetic locks, utilize an electromagnetic force to secure doors without the need for traditional keys. Their sturdy design ensures that once they're engaged, doors remain locked against unauthorized access. Simple to install and incredibly resilient, Mag Locks are particularly favored in commercial environments where the traffic flow is constant but controlled access is a necessity.

Electric Strikes, on the other hand, offer a hybrid solution. These devices replace standard strike plates on doors, working seamlessly with mechanical door locks. When activated, usually by an electronic card reader or other access control device, the electric strike will pivot to allow the door to open without turning the mechanical lock's handle. It's a blend of traditional security and modern convenience, making it ideal for a range of environments, from offices to residential buildings.

Together, Mag Locks and Electric Strikes provide a powerful combination, ensuring that doors not only remain secure but are also easily accessible to those with proper authorization. Invest in the future of security and let these devices fortify your peace of mind.