32 Element UHF TV Aerial for Saorview Mounting Bracket

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  • 32 Element UHF TV Aerial
  • Designed to minimize the chance of LTE (Mobile 4G) interference, ensuring clearer signals.
  • With a gain of 11.4 dB, it ensures strong signal reception even in weak reception areas.
  • Made of tubular aluminium, combining durability with a lightweight design.
  • Covers the 470-790MHz frequency range, ideal for Saorview reception.
  • Specifically designed for optimal reception of Saorview digital TV.
  • Manufacturer: TekEir

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  • 32 Element UHF TV Aerial


The Tekeir 32 Element UHF TV Aerial is a highly effective solution designed specifically for Saorview reception, particularly in areas with weak signal reception. Its focus on the 470-790MHz frequency range not only ensures optimal reception of Saorview channels but also minimizes interference from LTE (Mobile 4G) signals, a common issue with digital TV reception.

This aerial is constructed from durable tubular aluminium, offering a perfect balance of strength and lightness. It's designed to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance. The aerial's 32-element design contributes to its high gain of 11.4 dB, making it particularly effective in areas where signal strength is an issue.

Not only is this aerial ideal for Saorview, but it can also be used for picking up UK Freeview channels in border regions, adding to its versatility. Additionally, its design makes it suitable for attic installations, where signal loss can be a challenge. Its directivity of ± 16.5° ensures that it focuses on the strongest signal source, providing the best possible reception.