Saorview Aerial Kit with Wall Mount and Aerial install Kit

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  • Saorview Aerial Kit with Wall Mount and Aerial Installation Kit
  • Includes everything for mounting a UHF aerial for Irish Saorview channels.
  • Compatible with all Irish UHF transmitters, both analogue and digital.
  • Durable and efficient 10-element wideband aerial with a white tip.
  • Comes with cable, connectors, and a mounting bracket.
  • Covers 470-854 Mhz for broad channel access.
  • Manufacturer: TekEir

What's in the box

  • UHF Contract Aerial (Wideband - White Tipped)
  • Aerial Installation Kit of Cable & Connectors


The UHF TV Aerial Kit is an all-encompassing solution for anyone looking to access Irish Saorview channels from a terrestrial transmitter. This kit, manufactured by Blakes, is especially ideal for users in areas with strong UHF signals. The wideband aerial design ensures compatibility with all UHF transmissions, whether they're analogue or digital, providing users with a versatile and reliable option for TV reception.

The aerial's compact dimensions (30 x 30 x 90 cm) make it suitable for installation in areas where space is limited. The kit includes a durable 10 Element UHF TV Aerial, a robust mounting bracket, and a comprehensive set of installation components including 20 meters of satellite cable, connectors, and tie wraps, ensuring a secure and stable setup.

Not only does this aerial cover the entire UHF spectrum, making it a versatile choice for various broadcast groups, but it also offers an economical alternative to more expensive aerial options. Its simple assembly and installation process, coupled with the quality materials used in its construction, make it a practical choice for homes and establishments alike.

The UHF TV Aerial Kit is more than just a functional device; it is a testament to practical engineering and thoughtful design. It represents a fusion of performance, ease of use, and affordability, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and straightforward solution to their aerial needs.