UniArch 8 Channel DVR CCTV System | 5mp Cameras | DIY Friendly Kit

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Number of Cameras: 1
Hard Drive Size: 1TB
Would you like a monitor?: No
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    • DVR Option: Customers can select one standard DVR unit for video recording, ensuring compatibility with the camera setup.
    • Uniarch Cameras: Choose any number of Uniarch 5mp cameras from 1 to 8, allowing for customizable surveillance coverage.
    • Hard Drive Storage: Select a hard drive with capacities ranging from 1TB to 8TB to accommodate various storage needs for video footage.
    • Cables and Connectors: The kit includes BNC to BNC + DC cables (20m each) and connectors proportionate to the number of cameras, plus DC splitters for multiple camera setups and one DC power adapter to supply power to the system.
    • 22-inch Monitor: An optional 22-inch monitor is available for live viewing and playback, with a simple yes/no selection.

    What's in the box

    • UniArch DVR 8 Channel 5MP
    • UniArch 5MP Turret Cameras
    • Hard Drive (Options above)
    • 20m BNC to BNC & DC Cable (per camera)
    • 4-Way DC Splitter Cable 5.5 x 2.1mm
    • 12Vdc / 5A Power Adapter For CCTV Cameras
    • UniView 22inch CCTV Monitor (Optional)


    A customizable CCTV kit provides an array of options to ensure that customers can select the exact components they need for their security setup. Here's a detailed breakdown of each choice available in the kit:

    DVR Selection: There is one type of DVR available, which is the central hub for recording and managing video feeds from the security cameras. This simplifies the decision-making process and ensures compatibility with all other components.

    Uniarch Cameras: Customers can choose the number of Uniarch 5mp cameras they need, ranging from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 8. These high-resolution cameras provide clear imagery, and the flexible quantity allows for various levels of surveillance coverage.

    Hard Drive Capacity: The recording storage capacity can be customized according to the customer's needs with multiple options available: 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB, and 8

  • TB. This choice depends on how much video data the customer needs to store and for how long.

    Average recording time depends on the number of cameras and the size of the hard drive:

     1TB HDD with 1 Camera can record for 256 hrs(10 days), 4 Cameras can record for 64hrs(2 days) and 8 Cameras can record for 32 hrs(1 days) .

  •  4TB HDD with 1 Camera can record for 1024 hrs(42 days), 4 Cameras can record for 256(10 days) hrs and 8 Cameras can record for 128 hrs(5 days).

  •  8TB HDD with 1 Camera can record for 2048 hrs(85 days), 4 Cameras can record for 512 hrs(21 days) and 8 Cameras can record for 256 hrs(10 days).

  • Note: The recording time shown above is only the average 24/7 recording time. However, the recording time may be longer or shorter depending on the camera settings.

  • Cabling: For each camera, a 20-meter BNC to BNC + DC cable is provided. This cable is used for both video and power transmission, and the quantity provided matches the number of cameras.

    DC Splitters: Depending on the number of cameras, DC splitters are included to allow multiple cameras to be powered from a single power source, one DC splitter is provided for 1 to 4 cameras and two DC Splitters are provided for 4 to 8 cameras.

    Connectors: The connectors are given in case the customer wants  to shorten the cable, all 20m cables have connections at each end

    Power Adapter: A single DC power adapter is provided, suitable for powering 1 to 4 cameras, and 2 DC Power Adapter is provided for powering 5 to 8 cameras, ensuring a streamlined power supply solution for the entire system.

    Monitor Option: A 22-inch monitor is offered as an optional add-on to the kit. Customers can opt for this if they require a dedicated screen to view live feeds or playback recorded footage, with a simple 'yes' or 'no' choice.

    By selecting from these options, customers can build a CCTV kit that perfectly matches their security needs and preferences.