e-Star™ 24 Inch LED TV (12 Volt Compatible) |For Home\Caravan\Motorhome|

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  • Versatile Power Compatibility: The e-Star™ 24 Inch LED TV is uniquely designed to be compatible with both standard and 12-volt power sources, making it an ideal entertainment solution for homes, caravans, motorhomes, and even boats. Its flexibility ensures you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies wherever you are, without worrying about power constraints.

  • Compact and Portable Design: With a sleek 24-inch screen, this LED TV is the perfect size for compact spaces, offering high-quality visuals without dominating the room. Its lightweight and slim profile make it easy to mount or move, enhancing the coziness of smaller living spaces or recreational vehicles.

  • Crisp and Vibrant Display: Experience vibrant colors and clear images on this LED TV, which boasts impressive picture quality for its size. Whether you're catching up on the latest series or watching a classic movie, the sharp display enhances your viewing experience, making every moment on screen pop.

  • Energy Efficient Performance: Designed with energy efficiency in mind, this TV consumes minimal power, making it an eco-friendly choice for your entertainment needs. Its 12-volt compatibility further ensures that it won't drain batteries quickly when used in your caravan or motorhome, offering extended viewing pleasure.

  • Easy Connectivity for Enhanced Entertainment: The e-Star™ LED TV comes equipped with multiple connectivity options, including HDMI and USB ports, allowing you to easily connect external devices like streaming sticks, gaming consoles, or USB drives. This expands your entertainment possibilities, turning the TV into a versatile multimedia center.

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  • e-Star™ 24 Inch LED TV (12 Volt Compatible) |For Home\Caravan\Motorhome|


The e-Star™ 24 Inch LED TV is a versatile and portable entertainment hub designed to cater to the needs of those on the move or with limited space. Its dual power compatibility, accepting both standard and 12-volt inputs, makes it a seamless addition to any home, caravan, motorhome, or marine setup. Despite its compact size, the TV doesn't compromise on picture quality, offering a vibrant and crisp display that breathes life into your favorite visual content. The energy-efficient design ensures minimal power consumption, a crucial feature for users relying on battery power during their travels. Additionally, the TV's array of connectivity options, including HDMI and USB ports, greatly enhances its functionality, allowing users to connect a variety of devices for a more comprehensive entertainment experience. Whether you're looking to create a cozy cinema experience in your living room, entertain the family on a rainy day in your caravan, or unwind after a day of adventure in your motorhome, the e-Star™ 24 Inch LED TV combines convenience, quality, and versatility to meet all your viewing needs.