Dummy Bullet Camera (White w/ Motion Detection)

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  • Realistic Appearance: This dummy bullet camera convincingly mimics the look of a real security camera.
  • Versatile Installation: Ideal for mounting on walls or ceilings in various settings, from homes to businesses.
  • Motion Detection: Equipped with motion detection, enhancing its deterrence capabilities.
  • Adjustable Bracket: The bracket offers full flexibility, with 180° movement and 360° tilt for optimal positioning.
  • Battery-Powered LED: Features a battery-operated LED light to enhance its credibility as a functioning security device.

What's in the box

  • Realistic-looking dummy bullet camera.
  • Set of screws and plugs for mounting the camera.
  • Outer cardboard box for packaging and protection during shipping.


The package includes a realistic-looking dummy bullet camera, designed to mimic the appearance of a genuine security camera, complete with white and grey housing and a black lens. This camera is crafted from durable polystyrene plastic, ensuring its longevity and resistance to environmental elements.

For versatile installation, it comes with a bracket that allows you to mount it on walls or ceilings. The bracket is fully adjustable, providing a range of movement from 0 to 180 degrees and enabling a 360-degree tilt for precise positioning. Additionally, you can rotate the camera left or right to cover different angles effectively.

Enhancing its authenticity, the camera features an on/off switch and the option to use a battery-operated LED light, making it appear operational. Furthermore, it includes motion detection capabilities, adding an extra layer of deterrence.

This low-cost unit is straightforward to install, making it accessible for various settings, such as businesses, shops, homes, foyers, or doorways. It's particularly useful for areas where integrating into an existing CCTV system is challenging.

In summary, the dummy bullet camera is a cost-effective and convincing security solution that can help deter shoplifters and trespassers. Its realistic design, adjustable bracket, motion detection, and optional LED light enhance its credibility as a functioning security device, making it a valuable addition to your security measures. Please note that the camera requires (3x) 1.5V AA size batteries, which are not included in the package.