CAT5\CAT6 to BNC Video Balun W/Lead

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  • Seamlessly convert CAT5/CAT6 signals to BNC with impeccable clarity, ideal for extended video transmissions.
  • Available in packs of x5, x10, x20, and x100, catering to both small-scale setups and larger installations.
  • Comes with a robust lead that ensures secure connections and reduces potential signal loss or interference.
  • Designed to work efficiently with most CAT5/CAT6 networks and BNC-enabled devices, offering wide-ranging adaptability.
  • A practical alternative to traditional coaxial cables, reducing installation time and offering a more streamlined setup.

What's in the box

  • CAT5/CAT6 to BNC Video Balun W/Lead


In today's dynamic world of multimedia and communication, the necessity for seamless video transmission has never been more paramount. Recognizing this need, we present the CAT5/CAT6 to BNC Video Balun with Lead, a game-changer in the realm of signal conversion.

Crafted to perfection, this balun efficiently transforms CAT5/CAT6 signals into BNC, allowing for clear, uninterrupted video transmissions even over extended distances. Whether you're setting up a security surveillance network or an expansive broadcasting system, this balun ensures that your video signals remain crisp and free from interference.

But the true beauty of this product lies in its flexibility. With packs available in x5, x10, x20, and x100 quantities, you have the luxury of choosing a package that aligns precisely with the scale of your project, from compact installations to expansive networks.

Beyond its primary function, durability is another ace up its sleeve. The included lead is not just a connector but a robust link designed to prevent signal loss and ensure consistent transmission. This is further augmented by its universal compatibility, which ensures the balun works harmoniously with a broad spectrum of CAT5/CAT6 networks and BNC-oriented devices.

Choosing the CAT5/CAT6 to BNC Video Balun is more than just a purchasing decision. It's an investment in quality, adaptability, and efficiency, promising a simplified setup while elevating the performance of your video transmission endeavours.