BNC Plug Screw On Variation

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  • Available in 5m, 10m, 20m, and 100m cables to suit various connectivity distances, reducing signal degradation.
  • Screw-on mechanism establishes a stable link, preventing accidental disconnects and maintaining signal integrity.
  • Ideal for multiple settings, from home security systems to extensive broadcast setups and inter-floor installations.
  • Engineered to preserve signal strength over extended distances, crucial for clear audio, video, and data transmission.
  • Robust construction designed for longevity, resisting wear and tear while providing consistent performance in diverse environments.

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  • BNC Plug Screw On


In the realm of electronic connectivity, the BNC Plug (Screw On) emerges as a cornerstone for establishing secure, reliable links in systems requiring precision and clarity. What distinguishes this range of cables is the thoughtful variation in lengths - 5m, 10m, 20m, and a substantial 100m. Each serves a unique purpose, ensuring that whether for a compact indoor setup or an expansive, complex arrangement, your connection needs are covered without compromising signal integrity.

The shorter 5m and 10m cables are perfect for creating tidy, uncluttered configurations in confined spaces like small offices, home studios, or local surveillance systems, delivering high-quality signals with minimal interference. In contrast, the 20m variant is your go-to for more extensive setups, particularly where equipment is spaced out across larger areas, yet still requires a consistent, clear signal.

Where the 100m BNC Plug truly shines is in its capacity to maintain a stable connection over long distances, a critical feature for large-scale installations like campus-wide networks, multi-story communication systems, or extensive outdoor broadcasting setups. The length is generous, but the quality of transmission remains uncompromised, addressing a challenge often faced in vast operational scopes.

At the heart of these cables is the secure screw-on mechanism, a deliberate design choice to counter the common issue of accidental disconnections. This feature provides users with peace of mind, knowing that once installed, the cable's connection is steadfast. Combine this with the robust material construction, and you have a cable setup that promises not just longevity but also reliable performance throughout its lifespan, cementing its place as an essential component in any technical toolkit.