305m Outdoor CAT6 FTP Ethernet Cable Roll

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  • 305m Outdoor CAT6 FTP Ethernet Cable Roll
  • his CAT6 cable features FTP (Foil Twisted Pair) shielding, offering protection against interference from external sources, including electrical cables.
  • With a generous length of 305 meters, this cable can cover extensive CAT6 network runs, reducing the need for multiple splices or connectors.
  • The unterminated cable design simplifies installation, making it easier to pull through walls, ducting, and conduits during network setup.
  • Compatible with older network standards, making it versatile and adaptable to a wide range of networking setups.
  • Suited for industrial and commercial environments where outdoor networking is essential for efficient operations.
  • Manufacturer: Philex®


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  • 305m Outdoor CAT6 FTP Ethernet Cable Roll


Introducing the FTP UV Treated Outdoor CAT6 Cable by Philex, a versatile and reliable solution designed to excel in outdoor networking applications. With its sleek black colour and impressive length of 305 meters, this cable offers extensive coverage, making it ideal for various outdoor networking needs. Featuring eight wires per cable and meticulously engineered dimensions, including an outer cable diameter of 7.32mm and an inner cable diameter of 5.24mm (including foil), it ensures robust and dependable data transmission, even in challenging outdoor environments.

The FTP (Foil Twisted Pair) shielding of this cable provides superior protection against interference, making it a suitable choice for installations where reliability is paramount. Manufactured by Philex, a trusted name in networking solutions, this cable boasts a substantial frequency rating of 250MHz, guaranteeing high-speed data transfer capabilities. It is gigabit-ready, ensuring your network stays at the forefront of performance.

The PVC jacket, marked incrementally for ease of identification, enhances the cable's durability while simplifying installation. Its unterminated design allows for easy threading through walls, ducting, and conduits, making setup a breeze. Whether you are establishing a robust CCTV network or connecting adjacent buildings with gigabit networks, the FTP UV Treated Outdoor CAT6 Cable offers a cost-effective and dependable solution for all your outdoor networking requirements. Upgrade your outdoor network with the reliability and versatility of Philex's FTP UV Treated Outdoor CAT6 Cable today.

In addition to its impressive technical specifications and durability, the FTP UV Treated Outdoor CAT6 Cable offers cost-effectiveness and versatility. Its lengthy 305-meter coverage minimizes the need for multiple splices or connectors, reducing both installation time and costs. The unterminated design provides flexibility during installation, allowing you to customize cable lengths to match your specific requirements, further optimizing your budget. Moreover, when compared to pre-terminated cables, unterminated CAT6 cable is a cost-efficient option without compromising on quality. With its FTP shielding, it can be confidently routed alongside electrical cables, ensuring a stable and interference-free network connection, even in demanding outdoor conditions. Choose Philex's FTP UV Treated Outdoor CAT6 Cable for a reliable, cost-effective, and high-performance solution for your outdoor networking needs.