3.5mm / RCA Bluetooth Transmitter (TV / Audio)

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  • Wireless Audio Streaming: This 3.5mm/RCA Bluetooth Transmitter is designed to transform any TV or audio device into a Bluetooth-enabled powerhouse, allowing for seamless wireless streaming of audio to your Bluetooth headphones, speakers, or sound system, enhancing your listening experience without the clutter of cables.

  • Universal Compatibility: Equipped with both 3.5mm and RCA input options, this transmitter offers wide compatibility with a range of devices, including TVs, stereo systems, computers, and MP3 players. This versatility ensures that you can enjoy enhanced audio on almost any non-Bluetooth device.

  • High-Quality Sound Transmission: Leveraging advanced Bluetooth technology, the transmitter ensures that the sound quality is crisp and clear, minimizing latency and preserving the integrity of the original audio, making it ideal for everything from movies and TV shows to music and gaming.

  • Easy Setup and User-Friendly Operation: With a simple plug-and-play setup, this Bluetooth transmitter is incredibly user-friendly. Its compact design and straightforward interface allow for easy operation, making wireless audio more accessible to everyone, regardless of tech savviness.

  • Extended Wireless Range: Designed to offer an extensive wireless range, this transmitter ensures reliable Bluetooth connections even at distances further away from the source device. This flexibility allows you to move freely in your space without losing audio quality or experiencing disconnections.

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  • 3.5mm / RCA Bluetooth Transmitter (TV / Audio)


Transform your traditional audio and TV setups into modern, wireless entertainment systems with the 3.5mm/RCA Bluetooth Transmitter. This innovative device is crafted to bridge the gap between non-Bluetooth audio sources and Bluetooth-enabled receiving devices, providing a clutter-free and enhanced audio experience. Whether you're looking to watch late-night TV shows without disturbing others or immerse yourself in high-fidelity music, this transmitter delivers by turning any audio output into a Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by your headphones or speakers. Its universal compatibility ensures it works seamlessly with a wide array of devices, offering flexibility and convenience. The advanced Bluetooth technology within guarantees high-quality sound transmission, preserving the richness and depth of the original audio across movies, music, or games. The transmitter's ease of use is a standout feature, requiring no complex setup or technical know-how, making wireless audio accessible to all. Moreover, the extended wireless range it offers means you're not tethered to one spot, allowing for mobility and comfort as you enjoy your audio content. This 3.5mm/RCA Bluetooth Transmitter is an essential accessory for anyone looking to upgrade their audio experience without replacing their existing setup.