100m 4K HDMI Fibre Optic Cable & Extender

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  • Ultra-Long Range Transmission: The 100m 4K HDMI Fibre Optic Cable & Extender is engineered for ultra-long-range transmission, enabling seamless 4K video and audio signal transfer over distances up to 100 meters. Ideal for large venues, conference halls, and complex AV setups requiring extended reach without signal degradation.

  • 4K High-Resolution Support: This cutting-edge solution supports 4K resolution, ensuring that high-definition video content is displayed with exceptional clarity, vibrant colors, and sharp detail. It's perfect for professional presentations, digital signage, and immersive entertainment experiences in large spaces.

  • Fibre Optic Technology for Superior Performance: Utilizing advanced fibre optic technology, this cable and extender setup provides a robust and reliable signal transmission, immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). This guarantees a stable and clear signal, essential for critical applications and high-quality video streaming.

  • Easy Installation & Compatibility: The plug-and-play design simplifies the installation process, requiring no additional software or drivers. Its compatibility with standard HDMI sources and displays makes it a versatile addition to any AV system, facilitating hassle-free integration into existing setups.

  • Durable and Lightweight Design: Despite its extended length, the cable is surprisingly lightweight and flexible, thanks to its fibre optic construction. It's designed for durability and resilience, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of installation and long-term use in diverse environments.

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  • 100m 4K HDMI Fibre Optic Cable & Extender


Experience unparalleled signal quality and range with the 100m 4K HDMI Fibre Optic Cable & Extender, a premier solution for transmitting high-definition video and audio over long distances. Designed to cater to the demands of large-scale AV setups, this innovative product guarantees that 4K content is delivered with impeccable clarity and vibrancy, making it ideal for venues that require top-tier visual presentations without compromising on quality. The use of fibre optic technology not only enhances performance by providing immunity to environmental interferences but also ensures the integrity of the signal across its entire length. This cable and extender are remarkably user-friendly, offering a seamless integration into existing systems with their plug-and-play functionality, eliminating the need for complex configurations. Its lightweight and flexible design belie the durability and strength of the construction, allowing for easy handling and installation while promising longevity. Whether for professional settings, entertainment venues, or elaborate home theatre systems, this 100m 4K HDMI Fibre Optic Cable & Extender stands as a testament to advanced AV connectivity, bridging distances without losing sight of performance and quality.